Sullair – Two-Stage Family 100 – 600 HP

The Sullair Two-Stage Family 100 – 600 HP air compressor comes with built-in energy savings. This air compressor is known as a tandem air compressor, using two sets of rotors arranged end-to-end, a Sullair design developed for energy conservation and savings. Two-stage compressors offer energy savings up to 13% on full-load and 30% on part-load and have a 11-13% power advantage over single-stage compressors in the same size range. This energy savings comes out to a two-year payback compared to single-stage compressors.        

You can find all Sullair rotary screw industrial air compressors at any of our Midwest Brabazon locations. Contact us today to talk to an Account Manager and discover which air compressor is best for your specific needs.

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Features & Benefits

These Two-Stage Family 100 – 600 air compressors will save you money with their energy-efficient construction, maintenance-friendly parts, and cost effective functioning. A variety of state-of-the-art parts come standard with two model options for your pressure needs.   

Standard features of Two-Stage Family 100 – 600 Air Compressor:

  • Long lasting and reliable air end life.
  • No capacity or efficiency loss. 
  • Low costs of operation.
  • Flow: 500 – 3000 cfm, 14.2 – 84.9 m(3)/min. 
  • Pressure: 100 – 500 psi, 6.8 – 34.5 bar.
  • Power: 150 – 600 hp, 112 – 447 kW.
  • Multi-Stage Air-Fluid Separation with reduced carryover (lowers fluid costs). 
  • Aircraft-quality media on fluid filter. 
  • Fiberglass fluid filter is up to 20% more efficient than conventional paper elements & extends life of compressor.
  • Optimalair® Heavy Duty Air Intake Filter keeps fluid clean, extending life of internal components and leading to energy savings. 
  • Two-Stage Compressor Air End delivers more air, reduces consumption, and extends air end bearing life. 
  • Easily accessible and serviceable air-cooled cooler and aftercoolers. 
  • Non-lubricated, flexible coupling of motor and air end promotes use of standard NEMA frame motor and simplifies installation and start-up functioning.

Two-Stage Standard Pressure Models:

  • PristineFG™. 
  • Food Grade.
  • Designed for compressors used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. 
  • FDA and USDA H-1 compliant.
  • Variable Speed Drive.

Two-Stage Extreme Pressure Models:

  • Magnetic starter.
  • Solid state starter.
  • Sound attenuating enclosure with removable panels.
  • 575v.