EurusBlower – ZZ Models

The Eurus Blower – ZZ Models are part of a series of bi-lobe positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps that are commonly used in air transfer applications. The Eurus Blower – ZZ Models also serve as drop-in replacements for Roots URAI, Sutorbilt Legend and Tuthill Competitor displacement blowers. These blowers are designed and manufactured by a leader in international blower technology that has been in operation for over three decades. 

These blowers are made to last from hearty materials like iron, steel and aluminum. They are also adaptable, allowing for either vertical or horizontal mounting with varying feet configurations. They produce noticeably low noise and vibration during operation. They are also able to use low pressure to create large volumes of air.

The ZZ series features a high CFM range, dual splash lubrication, ductile iron impellers and oversized roller bearings. The Eurus Blower – ZZ Models offer different blower speeds, intel flow and shaft power to best suit your needs. 

You can purchase a Eurus Blower – ZZ Model at one of our Midwest Brabazon locations. Contact us today to ask an Account Manager questions about which blower model will be best suited to your requirements.

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Features & Benefits

These tri-lobe positive displacement blowers provide the power and efficiency you need for a variety of applications. There are many features that come standard across the series, making the Eurus Blower – ZZ Models positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps an outstanding choice for industrial applications and wastewater treatment purposes.

Standard Features of all Eurus Blower – ZZ Models

  • Ductile iron bi-lobe rotor that is precise and balanced. 
  • Gear mounting through keyless locking function. 
  • Shaft constructed of ground alloy steel. 
  • Spur gears constructed of forged alloy steel.
  • Oversized and heavy duty bearings especially suited to industrial applications.
  • Gear side featuring oil lubrication. 
  • Drive side featuring grease lubrication. 
  • Oil leak prevention provided by viton lip seal featured on the wearable shaft sleeve and o-rings.
  • Pressure capacity up to 15 PSIG and Vacuum up to 16 Inch Hg.
  • CFM flow ranges from 10 to 2350. 
  • HP of up to 72. 
  • Different models offer a variety of pressure and vacuum performance capacities suited to your specific industrial needs.