How To Find The Right Industrial Air Compressor Technician

When searching for an industrial air compressor technician, it is important to know what to look for and prioritize. With any service and repair, it can be challenging to know what skills and offerings are most valuable. As your industrial pump and compressed air system experts in the Midwest, Brabazon has developed a list of the main things your industrial air compressor technician should have to offer.Service Center

Training & Certification 

First, avoid going with an amateur option at all costs. And we say “costs” because choosing a technician who lacks the proper certifications can indeed cost you in the long run. Repairs that are conducted improperly can lead to further damage to the equipment beyond a temporary shutdown. You should instead look for technicians who are fully (and regularly) trained and certified in industrial air compressor repair and maintenance. Choosing certified air compressor mechanics will ensure that your industrial equipment is properly assessed and repaired.  

Readily Available 

The right technicians will also be readily available when you need them most. While some air compressor specialists will only be available at certain times, Brabazon knows that equipment shutdowns can happen at any time of day. For that reason, we offer 24/7 response from our repair technicians. With our facilities throughout the Midwest, we are able to provide quick turnaround times and get your operations fully back online.   

Remote Monitoring 

The best technicians of industrial air systems will go above and beyond your basic needs. One way for them to do that is with remote monitoring of your equipment. At Brabazon, we offer 24/7 remote monitoring that oversees your compressor’s operating levels and notifies you when an adjustment is needed. With this level of monitoring, the average air compressor’s downtime is greatly minimized, leading to more reliable operations. 

Maintenance Plan Option 

Finally, the air compressor technician you choose should be as focused on prevention as they are on as-needed repairs. With that in mind, they should offer a maintenance plan option that includes regular air compressor servicing and seeks to keep your industrial air compressors up and running as efficiently as possible. At Brabazon, we offer our AirCare Plus™ Planned Maintenance plan. When you choose this preventative option, your compressors receive regular inspections that include fluid levels and vibration monitoring. This approach to air compressor care has been shown to save customers tons of money in service bills and avoid costly equipment breakdowns.   

Brabazon Is Your Industrial Air Compressor Technician

Brabazon’s air compressor repair and maintenance services include everything you should look for in an industrial air compressor technician. We provide ongoing training and certifications to our technicians who even host air compression lessons for corporations throughout the country. Additionally, we prioritize being readily available when you need us most as well as remote monitoring options that can greatly reduce costly operation downtimes. Finally, we have developed effective maintenance packages to help prevent the need for repairs in the first place. Learn more about our air compressor repair services!