Whether you’re looking for seals, piping, air control systems and more, you’re bound to find it through Brabazon’s extensive variety of industrial products and services. Brabazon Pump, Compressor & Vacuum is the Midwest’s largest independent distributor of pumps, air compressors and vacuum equipment, and we know that our products will satisfy your business’s needs. Our goal is to minimize our customers’ operating costs associated with their fluid and gas pumping equipment. The last thing you should have to worry about is the reliability of your product. We know that in this industry, performing less than 100% of the time is out of the question. No matter what product you’re looking for, let the team at Brabazon develop a customized solution for you.

From fossil fuel energy plants to manufacturing facilities of all sizes, we have worked with a wide variety of facilities and industries. Our specially engineered systems have been developed over many years to incorporate the most cost effective and efficient way to provide you the services that you need.

Below, you’ll be able to browse the wide selection of trusted, dependable industrial products that Brabazon offers.

Air Control Systems


Don’t waste money on air compressor repair — save money with FlowLogic air control systems. Unlike other air control systems (which waste up to 50% of air produced), FlowLogic lets you regain system control, benefitting your productivity and padding your wallet.  Whether it’s due to a leak or faulty distribution system, compressed air loss can burn a hole in any pocket. With FlowLogic from Sullair, that’s starting to change. FlowLogic uses state-of-the-art upstream storage and controlled air flow to maximize efficiency while minimizing cost.  Get your FlowLogic now for affordable, efficient air control.

Air Knives

aluminum-akPaxton Air Knives increase productivity, ensure label adhesion, prevent corrosion, and so much more. Available in aluminum and 304 stainless steel, Paxton Air Knives are designed for high efficiency and precision. They speed the average conveyor line by as much as 50%, causing productivity (and revenue) skyrocket. Their flexibility is customizable for any process and every product. Paxton Air Knives cut costs no matter the job, giving you a slice of the profit.


Air Treatment


Compressed air must be properly treated to maximize productivity. Brabazon offers a variety of air treatment systems to keep your air clean, dry and cost-efficient, such as air dryers, mist eliminators, filtration systems and condensates. Brabazon’s air treatment options cater to all requirements, whether you’re looking for immediate delivery, cost-efficiency, low initial cost or low maintenance cost. Investing in an air treatment system does more than improve air quality: It benefits your equipment, productivity and revenue.




Chillers and Cooling Products


Avoid costly downtime with our selection of dependable chillers and coolers. Products from PureAire and Pfannenberg let you take control of temperature with absolute reliability. From global markets to local businesses, our chillers and coolers provide maximum cooling capabilities with the smallest possible footprint. They’re easy to maintain, energy-efficient and give your business the leg-up it needs to increase efficiency and productivity. Purchase a chiller or cooler today, and watch your revenue increase.


Air Compressors


With brands like Sullair, Saur, Powerex, Hitachi and more, Brabazon offers only the best in reliable and durable industrial air compressors. Brabazon’s selection has something for everyone, from auto shops to hospitals and general manufacturing plants. We offer rotary screw air compressors, reciprocating air compressors and centrifugal air compressors in an array of makes and models. No matter the specification, Brabazon has a match: Quiet, oil-free, compact, standalone, energy-efficient and low maintenance models are all available.




Are costly wastewater streams cutting into your revenue? Sullair’s advanced molecular filtration system collects lubricant-contaminated condensate, providing a cutting-edge solution to everyday problems. The environmentally-friendly oil/water separators by Sullair can be used with any size air compressor. The systems require zero maintenance and are installed on-site at your convenience. The system filters and collects every kind of lubricant, keeping your equipment efficient at a great price. Order your Sullair condensate solution today, and experience the difference.






Brabazon’s quality piping systems are the very best on the market. Our affordable, durable piping is completely corrosion resistant, providing all-metal pipes for the price of plastic. The leak-resistant designs offer thousands of dollars a year in savings while increasing efficiency. Brabazon piping solutions are easy to install and use, from a home garage to high-tech manufacturing plants. We offer fantastic piping solutions for every need, giving you the best pipes for the best price.


Pumps & Pumping Solutions


Effective pump systems are vital to the success of almost every industry. Brabazon’s large selection includes high-quality centrifugal pumps, drum pumps, inline pumps, and digital dosing pumps. From acid to water, broad range to specific solution, Brabazon’s stocks the answer to every pump problem. Our pumps save businesses a fortune on repair costs, meeting strenuous work conditions with efficiency and longevity. No mater the liquid or operating environment, our extensive product lines meet every requirement.


Repair Products


Cut down on costly downtime with Brabazon repair products. We offer the highest-quality solutions for metal, pipe, elastomeric, and ceramic/coating repair. Our repair products are all easy to use, resulting in quick, safe fixes. For time-sensitive solutions, Brabazon offers emergency pipe and metal repair products, as well as fast-setting products. Our inventory is full of the strongest materials to ensure your repair is long-lasting and effective. Don’t wait until corrosion and erosion hurt your business’ productivity — invest in repair products now, and thank yourself later.


Vacuum & Blowers


Brabazon offers flooded rotary screw vacuums packages, medical vacuums, liquid ring vacuum pumps and systems, rotary vane vacuum pumps and systems, and root blowers. Every product in our inventory is specially designed to minimize operating costs while maximizing longevity and efficiency. Each of our vacuums and blowers is built to last, proving productivity in even the most difficult operating conditions. When you buy a Brabazon vacuum or blower, you’re receiving the highest quality equipment from experienced professionals.


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