5 Best Brands That Make Industrial Pumps

There are many brands that manufacture industrial pumps, so it can be difficult to know where to start when you’re in the market for this important industrial equipment. Brabazon in the Midwest carries a variety of industrial pump brands that we have come to trust and rely on. These brands hail from both local manufacturers and global ones. Below, we explore five of the very best brands producing pump products from our inventory along with links to some of their specific product examples. 

ABEL Pump Technology

This worldwide company’s pumps are designed for a variety of what they describe as “difficult media” and other tricky applications. One such pump is their ABEL – EM electric diaphragm pump. ABEL Pump Technology is known for its expertise across a wide range of industries and, as such, are an excellent choice for your industrial pumping requirements. 


Brabazon carries a few different Grundfos products because they are a highly reliable industrial pump company that specializes in water pumps. We feature their centrifugal pumps that are specifically designed to pump machine cooling lubricants. They also make an outstanding dosing/metering pump that features a simplified user interface. Grundfos has been in the business of water pumping since 1945 and has since become the largest pump manufacturer in the world. 

Peerless Pump

Another brand that produces highly reliable centrifugal pumps is Peerless Pump. In fact, Brabazon features many of their different centrifugal pump series – such as their AE series centrifugal pump – to accommodate all of your industrial centrifugal pumping needs. Peerless Pump boasts almost a century of experience in engineering, design, and manufacturing. They are based right here in the Midwest and are owned by Grundfos.  

Standard Pump

If you take a look through Brabazon’s inventory, you will see many Standard Pump brand options to choose from. They offer everything from centrifugal pumps to a variety of drum pump motors and complete pump packages for different industrial purposes. Standard Pump, Inc. is a Unibloc Hygienic Technologies (UHT) brand and focuses on producing pump technology for chemical, adhesives, automotive, water treatment, plating, and other general industries.    


EBARA produces pumps that are efficient and highly reliable. These pumps include their wastewater submersible pump and a surface pump. The wastewater pump is used for pumping sewage and other water applications. The surface pump is built for highly corrosive chemical applications and, therefore, is exceptionally durable. EBARA has been manufacturing industrial pumps since 1912, specializing in water pumps, wastewater pumps, and other pump systems.  

Trust Brabazon-Approved Brands For Industrial Pumps

When searching for industrial pumps, know that you can trust brands that are Brabazon approved and featured in our inventory selection. We only carry brands that we stand behind because of their impressive performance, reliability, and reputation. You can browse our inventory of industrial pumps to see all we have to offer. If you have any questions about your selections or the capability of parts, feel free to contact us at any time!